Everyone at FC Camberwell has a responsibility to look after the safeguarding of children. Each coach and volunteer is trained and qualified by The FA and familiar with the clubs safeguarding policy.

Every players parents agrees and holds a copy of the policy, to make sure the right practice is in place at the club within each team.

Reporting a concern

If you have a concern about safeguarding please email it to our secure safeguarding email with the relevant information;

  • Time and date of concern

  • Who was involved

  • Where the concern was identified

  • Specific words said by the individuals

If you have a safeguarding concern, this should be reported at the earliest opportunity to allow the correct procedure to take place to secure the safety of individuals involved.

The club safeguarding policy can be found on the Codes of Conducts page.

E-Mails regarding safeguarding should be E-Mailed to Safeguarding@fccamberwell.com

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